Hawkeye INVSCO

Investing with foresight

Hawkeye has demonstrated success in acquiring properties with long-term growth potential and assembling a diverse commercial property portfolio with both retail and office tenants. With unique insight into the Denver-area real estate market built over 40 years, Hawkeye’s acquisition and development expertise stand the test of time.

Tenant-focused management

Hawkeye has earned a reputation for quality, full-service property management, providing its tenants with attentiveness, responsiveness and peace of mind. Hawkeye properties are secure and well-maintained, and Hawkeye’s property manager is readily-available to respond to tenant needs.

Hawkeye INVSCO is a leader in commercial real estate investment and property management services in the Denver Metropolitan Area. With the vision and experience to both invest in premier properties and maintain hands-on management, Hawkeye ensures unsurpassed service for its tenants and solid returns for its investors.